The American Academy of Family Physicians has produced the following video news releases:

The Specialty of Family Medicine

This video describes the specialty of family medicine, its scope and its role in today's health care system.

Family Medicine and Preventive Care

This video describes family physicians' special training in preventive medicine and ability to help their patients maintain their health.

Family Medicine and Chronic Care Management

This video describes family physicians' training in all major medical areas and their ability to diagnose and manage the treatment of the full range of problems patients present.

Family Medicine and Health Information Technology

This video describes how family physicians implement the most up-to-date treatments and technologies, such as electronic health records

Fixing Health Care: What Women Want

This video describes the results of a poll, conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of the AAFP, that found that American women want a health care system in which they and their families can conveniently obtain preventive services, see their personal physicians the day they become sick, and receive coordinated follow-up care if they require hospitalization or care from other physicians.